Living (in) the Archives of Radical Feminism

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Live performance, 20’

Feminist International Forum, BAC,
Geneva, 2012

Makita recites the “makita manifest” standing on the table. She holds in her hands a triangular painting on which is imprinted in blue “klein” the penis used in the performance « Makita tire les ficelles ». She is wearing a handmade playboy bunny costume. The costume is made of kitchen rags.

Photo Dominique Fleury



Art is a political practice territory for women.

We reclaim feminism as a key theoretical influence.

With this Manifesto, we reactivate the transmission of feminist legacies in education.

We provide critical models that women need for creation.

Long live the feminist revolution of the artists!

Heterosexist power relations inscribe politics in relationships between the sexes.

Feminism, in artistic subversion, questions the differences between the sexes and the pressure of normalisation expressed by the dominant culture.

The different perspectives of feminism offer a wide range of strategies.

To fight hardening of academic feminism, we must preserve the link with militant movements and rebel institutional legitimacy.

The tools introduced by the pioneers must build empowerment.

We practise self-education / self-construction / self-defense / self-financing.

Transmission flows with anyone involved.

Long-live “peer to peer” feminism!

For young girls, it all starts with sleeping out.

Against heterosexism, patriarchy and oppression in art.

Unite to rebel!