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MAKITA Tribute to Meret Oppenheim

Live performace 1h

Eternal Tour San Paulo, O Servicio Social do Comércio, Brazil 2012

In collaboration with Fabiana de Barros, Sandra Belucci, Donatella Bernardi, Eliane Maria Guimaraes, Silvia Lucchi, Enrico Natale

Video Boris Meister
Photo Dominique Fleury

MAKITA Tribute to Meret Oppenheim

In April 1959, the artist Meret Oppenheim organized a performance in Bern she called Frühlingsfest (Spring Festival). The original work consisted in a young girl lying naked on a table decorated with wooden anemones, her throat and face covered with golden paint. Meret Oppenheim arranged different foods on various parts of her body, and then some of her friends were invited to eat the food arranged on the girl’s anatomy. On August 28th 2012, in the SESC Consolaçào’s Sala Moebius, eight performers are dressed in tow-piece swimsuits specially, created for the occasion in a workshop with the Consolaçào’s public, a Brazilian fashion designer and artists in a collective work. The bikinis are produced with a crafting technique of Portugeuse origin, the crochet. Their hues are adapted at will to the bodies’ color tones, while the performers are arranged on human-sized pedestals, covered by flashy multicolored plastic tablecloths. A series of edible jellies of all colors is put on their bodies, live. They evoke different aspects of Brazil’s agricultural history and put certain Brazilian economic and social circumstances into perspective (colonization, slavery, immigration, naturalization, industrialization, hybridization). Some of the food chosen : pineapples, cacao, coffee, sugarcane, limes, oranges, corn, manioc, passion fruit and soya. Among other things, the work represents a symbolic geography of the different social groups with Brazilian foodstuffs.

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